1. How does this program work? 

Once you purchase the levels you will receive 3 EMAILS! One will be your receipt of purchase, one will direct you to the log in for the membership site where you will be prompted to create your account and the last email will tell you how to get started. Please read through it all as it has a lot of golden nuggets for the program.

2. I have not worked out in a long time. Is this program right for me? 

This program is a progressive series designed to take you from POINT A to POINT B. It can be as hard or as easy as you make it. There are various modifications for each level and exercise to help make it easy for you. The goal is to progress your body in a natural state to sustain body longevity.

3. How is this program set up? 

It is housed on a membership site and once you buy it, it is YOURS FOREVER! It is designed to release 7 days of the program at a time to keep you motivated, on track and guessing. It will drip out on the same hour you bought it 7 days later. 

4. Can you do this program in conjunction with working with a trainer? 

Do you recommend that or no? You really do not need to. When I tell you it has EVERYTHING and you are set “I mean it.” This is a very detailed and structured program giving you the tools and guidelines to be successful. There is a “before you get started” section that gives you all of the golden nuggets of the program to answer your questions. Within each day/week there are diagrams, instructional videos, printable pdf's, nutritional guidelines, cardio programs, and lots of nutrient dense recipes to make. The beauty of this program is that you are given a set structure to follow for everyday of the week. It gives you nutritional guidelines to follow, recipes, and 5-6 workouts a week. It is a progressive series that builds upon itself over time. The goal is to make this a lifestyle change. Holding yourself accountable is key to your success. This is why I built this online community. Everyone is so supportive and encourages everyone along the way, which keeps you motivated and inspired. The results speak for themselves.

5. Am I correct in assuming that it is designed to work at home or using my local gym? 

  Yes, the small equipment that is in the "suggested equipment" section on the site is exactly what you will need to complete the workouts. There are set cardio days and I suggest that you use the desired pieces of equipment aka the elliptical or stair master to work opposing muscles, but those who do not have access just follow the structure of the workout based on the heart rate zone intervals that are given, which is totally fine too. :) :) The main ingredient is the “heart rate monitor” so that you are working out efficiently and effectively.

6. I'm traveling for a week next month. Do you recommend waiting until I am going to be in town more regularly to start or is it flexible? 

THE GOAL of this program is to teach you how to stay consistent no matter what circumstance you face in life. You can always modify any which way, but the goal is to start and keep you moving. Life happens and we will always find an excuse why you can’t; my goal is to keep you moving for body longevity. The beauty of this program is that it is YOURS FOREVER, so even if you skip a day you can always go back!!!! :) 

7. Can I start this program at any time? Is there a set schedule? 

The program is designed to start on SUNDAY so when you purchase I highly recommend you buy it on a Friday or Saturday to give yourself enough time to read through the support materials. This will give you a day or two to get into the right mindset to start off on the right foot!!!! :) :)

8. Do you have any tips or tools to help me stay on track? 

YES!! I have created an online #tfignite community on Instagram. I check in with you everyday as well as the other participants keeping you motivated. You will also receive emails throughout the program to help guide you along the way. 

9. What is the significance of creating an instagram account? 

I ask everyone to create an online IG account and you never have to put your face on it if you don't want to. If you look now under the hashtag #tfignite you will see all the participants who started it a month ago. The goal of this is the support system that it has created. EVERYONE and I MEAN EVERYONE who is doing it LOVES this aspect because they have formed their own community and everyone cheers each other on everyday. Its like "if she can do it so can I. Lets DO THIS attitude."
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