Love the Way You Look and Feel in Your Own Skin Again!
Dear Busy Mom: If You're Sick of Struggling to Lose Weight and Get Back That Lean, Confident, Pre-Baby Body, Then It's Time for You to...
Love the Way You Look and Feel in Your Own Skin Again!
Dear Busy Mom: If You're Sick of Struggling to Lose Weight and Get Back That Lean, Confident, Pre-Baby Body, Then It's Time for You to...
Get in on This Progressive, Rewarding Workout Series to Transform Your Body and Create a Healthy Lifestyle for Real Results That Last!
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In this day and age women are “superheroes.”  We work, take care of the kids and are the go-to for everything. Sometimes we need a little “me time” to give back to ourselves so that we can feel happy, excited and confident about our body again!  

We have all been through it, sometimes when we look in the mirror we don’t see exactly what we want to see. Our bodies change; whether it is after a baby, growing older, hormonal or simply not having the time to eat well or exercise like we want to.

Don’t you want to feel gorgeous and self-confident about your body again and have the energy to run around all day….to continue to be the self-assured and gorgeous superwomen that we are?

That is why I have brought my system to the masses.  I want to help you feel strong and confident all the time.
Forget Fitness Fads, Deprivation Diets, and Quick Fixes... This Program Actually Works!
Extreme workouts, overly restrictive diets, and "miracle" pills are NOT the way to achieve the slimmer, sexier, healthier body you deserve.

If you're serious about taking back control of your body and becoming the healthiest version of you... then you need a balanced, sustainable system that works with your specific body. You need a program that challenges you while helping you incorporate simple habits into your daily routine that will empower you to transform your body – and life – for good!

I know because as a busy mother of 2 and a personal trainer with over 46 certifications in fitness, I've discovered what works and what doesn't. And I've created a unique progressive workout program designed to help you efficiently and effectively create a lasting transformation you love.

It's called TF IGNITE, and it's a radically different way to "get your sexy back." This program eliminates all the hassle and guesswork of trying to slim down, build lean muscle tone, and get healthy. 

Now, you'll have the structure, organization, and heart-rate specific workouts you need to lose weight, drastically improve your health and fitness level, and feel good in your body again!
Take a Peek at What You'll Discover When You Sign Up for This Transformational Fitness Program:
  • 5 powerful levels (30 days each) that build upon one another over time.  This includes step by step instructional videos, printable PDF's, weekly recipes, strength training series and easy to follow cardio programs.  Everything is housed on a membership site that is yours forever, helping you transform your body step by step so you don't get overwhelmed or burn out by doing too much at once...
  • A well-balanced program that doesn't just focus on one aspect of your fitness but multiple aspects to deliver real, lasting results you can see and feel...
  • Efficient, highly effective workouts built around your heart rate... This program is unlike any other out there and utilizes a heart rate monitor to help you maximize your workouts...
  • Detailed descriptions for your specific body that will remove all the guesswork from exercise and let you know exactly what zone your heart rate should be in for maximum fat loss and efficient results...
  • Step-by-step guidance and instructions from an experienced personal trainer that you can do on your own time.  This will show you how to structure your workouts, why you do them a certain way, and how to perform the various exercises...
  • An easy-to-follow schedule that helps you stay on track and meet your fitness goals while also creating a long-term healthy lifestyle…
  • An online support system to keep you motivated throughout your journey.
  • How to remove all the confusion and frustration from figuring out what to eat... You'll get healthy meal options that fit a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs and are easy to prepare on each Sunday meal prep day...
  • For new moms: You'll discover the dos and don'ts of fitness post-delivery and learn how to rebalance your body naturally, rebuild strength, and enhance stability and endurance to keep up with your baby...
  • All the tools, structure, and functional workouts you need to take your body to the next level so that you can feel confident, beautiful, and in control of your health and life...
  • And much, much, much more!
100% Guaranteed
If the TF Ignite Program doesn't  teach me how to train more efficiently within 14 days... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to help me lose weight the right way and keep it off... then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!
Here's How This Progressive 5-Level Program Works:
This foundational level gets you up and moving again – think of it as your couch to 5k. You'll build up your basic strength, endurance, stamina, and stability in preparation for the full program!
Building upon the foundation you've created, this level will challenge your strength, stability, and endurance in new ways. You'll also discover ways to create healthier dietary habits with nutritional guidelines and some of my favorite recipes to play with!
As you continue to build strength and endurance, this level pushes you one step further, challenging your system to take on more load with super set exercises. You'll start seeing dramatic changes in your body fat percentage, improved cardio, and enhanced muscular endurance!
This is your "breakthrough" level where you'll start seeing the biggest changes in your body! I've designed it to rev up your metabolism and shift you into optimum fat burning mode in a whole new way. You'll learn compound and plyometric movements that challenge your strength and coordination and improve your overall fitness level.
In this final level, you'd better get ready to sweat! You'll be doing more complex movements and combining exercises you've mastered in previous levels for the biggest challenge yet. By the time you finish this workout, you're going to love who you see in the mirror!
This Won't Be Easy, but It WILL Be Worth It! Just Take a Look at the Results for Yourself! 
Brooke will change your life! Her TFIGNITE is so addictive that it won’t take you long to crave a healthier YOU. The programs not only challenge you physically, but it makes you realize the importance of a balanced diet. Brooke’s love for fitness, her understanding of the human body, her experience in this craft, and her encouragement and motivation makes her a fantastic trainer. I started "TFIGNITE" when I noticed I started to plateau; I even gained weight despite my workout routines. After the first 3-4 weeks in the TFIGNITE program, I started noticing changes in my body. Most importantly, I now realize that I cannot expect too much from my own body if I’m not taking care of it. If I take care of my body now, it will take care of me later. So, if you are ready to make a change, Brooke can help… and yes, get ready to break a sweat!!
- Veronica Arbulu
Being a part of TFIGNITE has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. It helped me to get out of my food slump where although I was eating healthy I was eating the same thing all the time. I have learned so many things from this program. I learned that you have to make the time. Make the time on Sunday night to prep your food for the week. Plan out your meals, and know what time you need to be at the gym to get the workout in. Most importantly I learned that it is NOT a diet! Sometimes life gets busy and through this program I have learned not only how to eat right (yes I still love cheeseburgers and ice cream but now I make them differently) but also that my body LOVES to move, and a good workout doesn't always have to be at the gym. The best part is the support. So many people doing the same thing I am all over the US supporting me and helping me make this life change. Through this program I not only have some great recipes, awesome workouts, and toned muscles but the confidence I have in myself has gone through the roof. Brooke may push you through the workouts but in the end I always ended up surprising myself by what I was able to do. The body is an amazing thing and TFIGNITE has taught me how to take care of it.
- Stephanie Luette

Participating in the monthly challenges has been a wonderful experience for me. It helped me stay focused on my health goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy the challenges because it gives me a progressively challenging workout routine to follow and holds me accountable each day of the month. Keeping a gym schedule is half the battle but knowing what to do each day when you get to the gym just takes working out to a totally different level. The workouts were very detailed and I felt like I was working out with a trainer right by my side. The results were incredible! I lost weight, gained more muscle and felt amazing! I felt confident at the gym because I knew what to do. I am looking forward to the next monthly challenge!

- Stacy Stamatelos

Taylored fitness is amazing! Starting with day one you will see the detail that has been put into this program. She know what works to help you shed pounds and tone your body and she helps you meal plan!! The program is so easy to follow and can literally be done in your own house, I don't have to be in New York with her. I started Brooke's program 3 months postpartum with my second baby. I was and still am exclusively nursing and was nervous to do anything that could jeopardize my milk supply. With that in mind the program has exceeded all of my expectations and my supply hasn't changed. The program helped me really focus on what I'm putting into my body and not just mindlessly eat goldfish crackers and fruit snacks. My mom belly is going down and I actually am fitting into my pre-pregnancy shorts. Brooke checks in with us via Instagram everyday. We post our workout time and calorie burn along with the program's hashtag so all the participants can support each other.

- Macy Mckenzie
Brooke has been my forever "go to" trainer. I fell in love with her training style years back. With her in person trainer sessions and small group classes, she got me into the best shape of my life for my wedding day. A couple of years later I came right back to her to get me back into shape post baby.

When I learned about Brooke’s online program and being able to set myself up at home, having her exercises at my fingertips - it was an ultimate win for me. Brooke really brings her small group classes and personal training sessions into your own home. The program is the REAL deal. We all know that you will lose weight by burning more calories than inputting - but Brooke’s program goes so far beyond that, which is why she is able to transform your body. She takes the time to inform you about the essentials on how to live a healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t just say “do this,” she provides you with the “how's” to get it done and the importance of why you do it.

Brooke really wants you to be the best version of yourself, once you realize that - you really will be. Meal prep days has countless recipes for you to try out, you get comfortable cooking with these new foods that you are then able to become creative yourself, making delicious, nutrient dense foods that you are proud of and SO easy! The workouts that she provides, whether circuit training or cardio routines are really your building blocks. She teaches you the fundamentals, the importance of balance, stability and core and by following her program you are able to really see yourself improve week over week. 

 The program itself will push you and challenge you, but the tools and information that Brooke provides her clients with are easy to navigate, while teaching you how to be a better version of yourself. The ability to workout in my own home and not have to waste time traveling back and forth to a gym was essential and made it easy for me to live by. The recipes that she gives you are so easy to create and perfect. The videos and PDF’s of her circuits are so easy to follow and not only on a laptop, but on your mobile device. You really have access to Brooke anywhere and everywhere. Brooke wants the healthy lifestyle for you to become easy so that it is naturally something you are able to live day in and day out and be proud of. 

 I am in awe of what transformation my body has gone through. I am 4.5 months post delivery and I have lost 12lbs in a little shy of 3 months. Also within that time I lost 4.5 inches in my waist, 3 inches in my hips and my thighs are 1.5 inches smaller. I am lower than my pre-pregnancy weight and all my clothes are actually borderline too big. I receive compliments every day, I have never been happier or have felt better! 

If I would give you one last thought about Brooke…it would be this….She’s an inspiration, she’s your motivation, she’s your teammate, your coach, your mentor, and she will never let you down. If there can be more Brooke Taylor’s in the world, the world would definitely be a better and healthier place, but for right now, the one and only Brooke Taylor is really the best trainer out there!
- Michelle Lillian

I’ve completed three of the Taylored Fitness Health Challenges and can’t wait to do it again. The structure of the program, with a challenge each day, makes you accountable and keeps you moving forward.  

I saw real gains in my fitness, both strength and cardiovascular endurance. The strength sessions were fun and definitely increased in difficulty as I went through the programs. The cardio sessions werevaried and kept me engaged; rather zoning out on the elliptical or treadmill, I paid attention to how I felt during the sessions and challenged myself, ultimately getting more out of my time at the gym. The exercise sessions also included warm-up, cool-down, and stretching (areas I have given less attention in the past!) so that you are at less risk for injury and feel better overall. At the end of each challenge, I was able to complete both the cardio programs and the exercises in the strength programs with less effort and faster. I haven’t seen that kind of progress in years and doubted that I ever would again!

The nutrition guidelines and recipes helped me to stay on track so that I really saw results. The emphasis is on life long health and building new eating habits, not dieting. Also, the TFHC doesn’t assume that everyone is the same and that one-size-fits-all. I’m a vegetarian and was able to do the nutrition challenges with ease.

The program shows you how to exercise, eat, and also rest for optimal results at your level. While many people know they need to challenge themselves physically and eat better and relax, it’s impossible to learn how to do that without guidance and accountability. Long term, I think the holistic nature and focus on building new habits are the most important aspects of TFHC. The program also shows you how to set goals, so that you can stay on track within the 30 days, and also beyond.

- Danielle Johnson

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